Sending your first campaign with outboxx

Communication is essential to engaging your tribe/audience. In this guide, we will walk you through sending your first campaign (one-time broadcast).

At Outboxx, we refer to your contact list as tribe. These are people who have given you permission to send emails to them.

Campaigns are different from Automations in that they’re sent once at a specific time. Although you can re-use a previously sent campaign to a different tribe.

To get started click on the Send Campaign Button right at the middle of your dashboard, which looks like this:

To see a list of all your campaigns (if this isn’t your first time), click on campaign the top menu, then click Send campaigns.

Campaign Creation

Next, choose the type of email you want to send. This could be plain text (no images, colors, or design), or Regular. For this tutorial, I will choose regular.

This takes you to the recipients selection page, on this page you want to select the Tribe (contact list) who will receive this campaign. If you have not created a tribe yet, click here to see how to setup one.

Click the save & next button to proceed.

Here you want to configure your campaign details:

  • Name your campaign – Campaign name
  • Subject of the email – Email subject
  • Who is sending it – From name
  • Sending email address – From email

By default, the address used to send emails from Outboxx is [whatever you choose] However, this address can be updated to reflect your specific domain name (business website) and brand instead.

Campaigns – Setup – marketing automation | – Watch Video

Content Management

Next, you get to choose how you want your campaign content to look. You can choose a template from our template gallery, or build your own template from our layout. Choose “Build from Layout”, the select any of the layouts. Then select “Classic Editor”

The editor is simple, you replace the sample content with your own content. On the right of the editor are personalisation tags, these tags allow you personalise your email content with data about people in your tribe. For example, first name, last name, company name, phone number, etc.

To use the personalisation tag is easy, place your cursor anywhere you want in the content editor, then click your choice tag.


Next, select the date and time you want this campaign to be sent. If you want this sent immediately, select a time 5mins ahead of the current time (This allows you make any last minute changes or correction).

On the next screen you see a summary of your campaign setup, and you can click the preview button to see how your campaign will look once it’s sent.

You also have the option of sending a sample to yourself for preview. Once everything is confirmed ok, click the send button.

Congratulations! your first campaign is on it’s way.