Beginners Guide: 3 simple ways to build a community with your newsletter

In this guide, we’re going to examine exactly how you can build a community with email marketing. You might be wondering why use email, why not social media? Well, this debate has since been discussed and email won.

engaging newsletter audience

Here is why, email is more important today:

  1. Its’ personal and customisable
  2. You communicate when you want, the recipient consume when they want – CW2
  3. Fluid two-way communication
  4. Builds trust

Now you know why, let’s begin!

By the end of this post we would have covered:

  • Email tools and list setup
  • Getting your first 100 subscribers
  • How to create and share engaging email content

Before you do anything, you need a way for people to give you their email address.

A simple form on a landing page. Now that sounds like you need two things, first a form, then a page.

The list

This isn’t the point where you call you web guy.

Modern email marketing tools allow you generate a subscription form for your tribe to subscribe.

This video shows you how to create a subscription form on

The platforms listed below make it easy to generate a subscription form and a landing page.
if you already have a website, outboxx makes it easier. You can copy your form embed code and paste it anywhere on your website to start enrolling subscribers. No plugin to install.


What other tools to use?

  • Mailchimp – email delivery platform
  • Email octopus – email delivery platform
  • Zerobounce – verify the email addresses on your list are real
  • Leadpages – build simple landing pages
  • WordPress – setup your own website
  • – design beautiful newsletter templates
  • – start building your list free

Getting your first 100 subscribers

Possibly the most asked question is how do I get people to subscribe.
Paying for advertising to promote your list, can be money well spent or money wasted. It depends on your “why”. Why should anybody subscriber? What are you offering in exchange for the email subscription?

This is the “lead magnet” – a valuable digital material you offer in exchange for a subscription. The lead magnet is what you promote on Facebook or Twitter, sending traffic to your landing page and form.

Once you have the form setup, go to Facebook and setup an advert driving traffic to that form.

Another channel to consider is WhatsApp. For example, below is a simple broadcast message you can copy and use:

Hello How was your day? You know I have been working in the ??? industry for sometime now and my interest in [??add yours??] has equally grown within this same period.
Well I decided to do something with all that knowledge, and I am inviting you to be a part of it. In the next few days I will be sharing [????], but I can’t do it over whatsapp, email seems best.
Want to be in the loop, fill this form [link]

Feel free to re-word it as you see fit.

So, use Facebook ad & WhatsApp broadcast to announce your newsletter and attract your first 100.

Moving on.

Creating and sharing engaging content

For many people, writing isn’t something they enjoy, and this might be same for you.

Start with a problem and solve it. Don’t just share information or fill your email with knowledge.

Think about that topic that interests you.

What challenges did you have to overcome when you didn’t know anything about that topic?

Write about it, share your experience, and how you solved the challenge.

How to do it?

Below is a framework for beginners to create interesting newsletter content.

  1. List out 5 challenges related to your topic of interest
  2. Take one challenge, write an introductory paragraph about it
  3. Write a story/experience as the second paragraph
  4. Your solution forms the third paragraph
  5. And lastly, a closing statement or conclusion

Do this for the other 4 challenges on your list.

Next, search the web for articles and news stories about the first challenge on your list.

Create a list of 5 links, and write a summary for each link. Do this for all 5 challenges.

Following the outline above, you have created 10 different newsletter content pieces. Five original content, five curated content.

Last step

The last step to sharing engaging newsletter, is repetition. Consistently sharing engaging content to your audience list, builds trust.  Outboxx has an amazing automation system that allows you schedule a sequence of emails to your audience. It does the work for you.


Every new subscriber gets your emails in the right sequence, and you only have to set it up once. Conclusion In this guide we have explored the steps to building a community with emails.

Let me know if you are starting an email newsletter or you already have one, send me an email [email protected]

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