Anti Spam Policy

This Outboxx Anti-SPAM policy is an integral part of the Terms of service that You – as a company or individual using the Outboxx system (Outboxx) – agree to abide by when using Outboxx.

What is SPAM?

SPAM is a commercial email sent to someone who previously did not give the permission to receive such email.

The Outboxx system is a messaging system based on permission.

In case you have questions or want to terminate usage of Outboxx and delete your account, write an email to support[at]

We don’t like SPAM, don’t approve spam activities and we didn’t create Outboxx to be a SPAM tool. This is why we follow the CAN-SPAM ACT.

Messaging with a lot of bounces (5%) or SPAM complaints (0.2%) is flagged and the account suspended or terminated for violation. 

We pre-qualify new users of Outboxx through a vetting process based on M3AAWG’s Vetting Best Common Practices. This is done with the intent of building a community of Outboxx users who benefit exclusively from our priority sending servers.


All Outboxx users must send emails under the following guidelines:

  • Contacts have signed up in a form bearing your brand name.
  • Contacts have signed up in some form (online or offline) and have indicated acceptance to receive emails.
  • Contacts have had some commercial relationship with your brand in the last three years.
  • Your subscription process or email include a clear way to unsubscribe/opt-out
  • Your messaging have non-deceptive and clear subject lines
  • Your messaging must include your business contact information – address, email, or phone
  • Your messaging must have a valid reply-to email address that you own or manage

DO NOT send messages to the following contacts:

  • Contacts that have been bought from a provider.
  • Contacts obtained from email extractor (copied randomly from the internet).
  • Contacts who have not been in touch with your company in the past three years.


All comercial messages send through Outboxx must have at least one or more unsubscribe options:

  • Unsubscribe through an link. 
  • Unsubscribe through a form on your website. 

Best practices

Outboxx considers the following as best practices:

  • Send messaging with text and not only images.
  • Send messaging with not more than 2 links.
  • Personalize messaging with information about the recipient.
  • Segment your lists properly.
  • Send messages periodically.


If you know of or suspect any violation of our policy, please notify us at support[at]