After your free webinar: Up-sell with engaging email sequence

Successful companies have been using free webinars to sell products for a long time. Nine out of ten times the goal of offering that free webinar is the opportunity to establish trust before asking for a sale. 6 out of 9 times, the sale is made within the list of registrants using email marketing automation.

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Where do you start? Post-webinar Email Sequence!

Some webinar attendees will eventually buy from you, some will not. The buying circle is dependent on each persons trust level. The goal of the email sequence is to engage and build that trust, using content.

In the past, I will allow the webinar platform handle the registration process, and send a single thank you email at the end. While I spend the next few days planning my next “big” product offer, my attendees have moved on from the webinar. Imagine the energy and advertising cost it will take to reengage past attendees, take a moment and think about it. Wasteful!

Today, with email marketing automation I can create the followup sequence of emails once, and reuse it for my list continuously after each webinar. Gradually building up  trust with my audience, before I ask for a sale.

This post will show you the email sequence you can use after the webinar and a free webinar email invitation template.

How to structure your post-webinar email funnel sequence

1. Segment your attendees

The first place to start is your list. Who registered and attended, who registered but didn’t attend, who registered and downloaded the workbook/freebie, who registered and sent in a question. Take a look at your webinar and find some attributes or behaviour that allows you segment your list. Each segment is an opportunity to build relationship and earn a sale based. Behaviour based segmentation is a must have strategy for building your list.

2. Personalise the content

If you try to sell to everyone the same way, it will be hard. First make the recipient feel appreciated, say thank you. Beyond adding their name in the salutation – Hello [Name] – also include their name in the title or your email body. Make the email feel like it was written for just this one person, even though it is sent out to a segment of your list.

3. Address a pain point

During the webinar, you must have noticed a few questions come up. Maybe one of your attendees sent a followup question just after the webinar. After answering the question directly, share the question and answer in an email to your list (if the question is personal, please seek approval from the attendee who asked, before sharing). By simply addressing this pain for one person, you have created an opportunity to introduce your product – consulting, digital product, physical product.

4. Tell a story or testimonial

Building upon the previous section – addressing the pain point – the next email in your sequence should share testimonials about your service/product from real people who have benefited. If you don’t have testimonials to share, take this opportunity to share a personal story that aligns with your product or service. Talk about that one time you failed to achieve a goal because your product didn’t exist then, or the other time a colleague couldn’t do something and your advice was the solution. Make it personal.

5. Make an offer

At this point you have built up momentum, this email makes an offer from you to members of your list. Make it short, make it exclusive to the members of your list. If you don’t know how to craft an offer, see this video (3mins)

Here is the key take away from this article:
  1. Identify and segment people you have in your list
  2. Share value first before selling, ensure you address a pain point or two
  3. Make a valuable exclusive offer with urgency
  4. Automate this process so you don’t have to do it manually for each list segment
  5. Your next free webinar should have a path to sales

Need help setting-up your post-webinar email funnel or you are not sure how to engage your list for sales. Reach out [email protected]

Download webinar followup funnel

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